Exploring the Best Cafes in Kasol | From Kasol to Kheerganga | Parvati Valley | Himanchal Pradesh

The Evergreen Cafe

1. Start a love affair with the food at The Evergreen Cafe

As you walk along the long road that cuts through the hill town of Kasol, you will see The Evergreen Cafe, which sits at the distant end of the road leading to Manikaran. The creepers on the doorway make this little corner look like a secret hideaway. Start your day with the fresh juices served here. The vibe of the spot gets better as the day progresses. Maybe it’s the soulful music or the enticing aroma of the cuisines served, but there’s something about this place that makes it unmissable.

German Bakery Kasol

2. Head to the oldest German Bakery in Parvati Valley

Coffee, baguettes, crepes, shakes, juices, waffles… you get just about everything you need here to keep you going on lazy evenings in this sleepy town. The German Bakery is also the oldest bakery in the region and the sunny courtyard remained full with travellers at all hours of the day.

Moon Dance Cafe

3. Sit, chill and relish the food at Moon Dance Cafe

Just across the busy courtyard serving lip-smacking snacks, Moon Dance Cafe is perfect for a quiet afternoon. The comfortable seating inside the closed corner is perfect to spend long hours enjoying the bakery items.

Sasi Restaurant Kasol

6. Visit Sasi Restaurant for breakfast of all kinds

The view of the gushing Parvati River from Sasi Restaurant is one obvious reason for travellers returning to this eatery. The cafe makes your mornings perfect with a delicious Israeli and English breakfast with ample greens on the plate, good food portions and complete value for money.

Pink Floyd Cafe

10. End your hike to Tosh at Pink Floyd Cafe

Further up the hills of Parvati Valley lies Tosh, a small settlement of villagers who are slowly getting accustomed to the travellers arriving here from Kasol. Pink Floyd Cafe is one of the many cafes that have gradually mushroomed in this corner of the valley. The music is usually played by travellers who reach here by the end of the day and relax and get some warmth inside the wooden panelled walls of this cafe. The honey lemon tea and lip-smacking finger food are the right reasons to hop to Tosh after Kasol.

Other cafes in Tosh you can check out are Boom Shiva Cafe near Pink Floyd and Mountain Goat Cafe that lie at the far end of this village towards the unnamed waterfall.

4. Plan a dinner at Little Italy for a perfect Kasol night

Trout served with salad and fries at Little Italy have been the talk of the town. I have personally tried this place and cannot recommend it more. The space is ideal for a peaceful and pleasant dinner and the slow rhythmic beats create the perfect vibe to relax at the end of the day. It is one of the best cafes in Kasol.

5. Land at Stone Garden Cafe for some live music

You evenings in this hill town deserve a special magical corner with performances by travelling artists in Kasol. Just like other cafes around the town, Stone Garden Cafe also believes in serving a ‘world platter’ to you. Travellers from countries across the world reaching Kasol have influenced the cuisines served here and this fact is clear on seeing the menu at Stone Garden.

7. Spend your lazy afternoons at Yan’s Place

Right across the road from Little ItalyYan’s Place is a lesser-known eatery in Kasol. Go here for the mouth-watering chicken schnitzel, shawarma, chef’s special pizza and banana Nutella shake. Pick any afternoon to spoil yourself with delectable cuisines as you relax listening to the out worldly and trippy beats that will soothe your senses.

8. Go to Shiva Garden and In Fusion to take your food hunt from Kasol to Chalal

Have you walked across the bridge on your trip to Kasol? The small village of Chalal is an additional spot to checkout during the Parvati Valley exploration. At Shiva Garden and In Fusion Cafe in Chalal you get your fair share of Israeli and continental food to continue your cafe hopping from Kasol to Chalal.

9. Visit the Freedom Cafe in Chalal for some comfort food

If you wish to stick to Indian food, Freedom Cafe is a great food joint that serves a pre-decided menu of dal, sabzi, rice and hot chapattis.

11. Spend the night at Ice and Fire on your hike to Kheerganga

It’s a short hike to Kheerganga from Tosh. There are numerous trails that lead uphill from Tosh to Kheerganga, a holy site best known amongst travellers for its natural geysers. There are not more than a few shacks and cafes at this distant spot. Ice and Fire Guest House is conveniently located on the slope of the Kheerganga hill.

If you think it’s just another place that serves Maggie on a hilltop, you are absolutely wrong. At Ice and Fire, travellers can enjoy a variety of tea and breakfast by day and be surprised by the most delectable cuisines that are hard to source at this isolated corner of the hill, at night.

Got more cafes in Kasol and Parvati Valley to add to this list? Tell me your suggestions in the comments section below and help travellers prepare for their next visit to Parvati Valley.

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